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09/03/2018 – Our Attendance Diamond

Stay in the Green!


08/03/2018 – School Dinners

Since last year we have had a 90% reduction in wastage in school dinners. Today KS2 did not leave any food on their plates at all! Your children have done an excellent job of eating their full meals (including their vegetables) and we are very impressed with this result. Thank you to all families for encouraging their children to eat all of their meals. If your children are on packed lunches, why not try the food that is going down well? See the menu options here:  We have our new summer menu coming out soon.



School Closure – Parents 01/03/2018 & 02/03/2018


Castle Academy will remain closed today and will reopen Monday 5th March.

01/03/2018 Update:

Mr Campbell, Mrs Mason, Miss Ward and Miss Blagden are in contact today to ensure that the planning for the leadership handover still takes place. If school can open tomorrow Mrs Mason hopes to be in during the morning to meet with everyone. Please keep an eye out for updates tomorrow morning. Many thanks!
[Astrea Academy Trust]

Unfortunately due to weather conditions we are going to have to close Castle Academy today.

We will be back in touch early tomorrow morning to confirm when the school will reopen.

Keep safe

Castle Academy


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