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Spring News 1 Week 2 January 12th

Good morning everyone,
Thank you for your support with our online lessons yesterday- fewer technical issues than the previous week! If you are still struggling then please get in touch, It is important that we get everyone involved so that teachers can teach the normal curriculum for each year group.

Joining TEAMS using Playstations or Xboxes

Go to this Sway


My assembly for this morning can be found in your child’s class TEAMS page- see screenshot below. In school we will listen to this at 9.15 am. It is also on the online learning timetable for that time. The story sessions will be added later in the day. You will also see a link to our curriculum launch “Everyone’s Europe” This can be watched at any time this week.
Please let us know if you continue to have difficulties accessing our online learning.
Please continue to share you work with your teachers via Purple Mash, email or the school Facebook page. Children will be awarded 10 Team points for every piece of work shared.

School Council

We will continue to work with the members of the School Council using TEAMS- more to follow in my assembly today,

School Reading Challenge

Children reading at home 4 times each week will earn 1 sticker on their chart. Please keep a record at  home and on the children’s return I will be ready to open the School Council shop.

More learning opportunities.

I hope you have a good day
Mrs Mason
Safeguarding for our online teaching sessions.
• All sessions on Teams will have two members of staff (one lead, one support) present at all times and the full session will be recorded. This means that children can watch the recording again to help them with their follow up work.
 • Web-cameras/Video/Microphones should be turned on for students during taking the register and if they have a question, but for the remainder of time, webcameras/video/Microphones for students should be turned off. This will be managed and monitored by the supporting member of staff.
• The ‘chat’ function will be disabled for 1-1 use and is not to be used outside of the public forum and may only be used in group meeting sessions for asking questions. This will be managed by the supervisors on the call.
Joining  TEAM sessions 
By the way did you know that you can access TEAMS on XBox and Playstation?
Open TEAMS and find your class team (below is a screen shot of Pumas class.)
On the first page you will see the meeting – the part highlighted in purple- click  on this.


This will then take you to the meeting page which looks like this.



Stage 2 Monday January 11th until February 1/2 term holiday.

Please follow the link to your child’s class page where we will upload the weekly timetable (uploaded each Friday.)

This will contain the links to the live sessions with your child’s teacher. We will be monitoring engagement with the online learning making sure that all children are keeping up with their school work.

The timetable will include links to daily English and Maths lessons with your class teacher as well as a story/ class novel session.

The final session of the day will be a chance to share work and receive feedback. You can also share your child’s work via Purple Mash, via Facebook or via email to Castle admin.

All lessons with your teacher will be accessed via Microsoft Teams. Below are some leaflets which will support you with this.

How to access Home Learning Resources

Pupils Home Learning How to guide


Our home learning also incorporates the use of our  online learning platforms.

There will also be links to support independent learning and research into the curriculum theme for the term.

We will be in contact if you have told us that you do not have access to a computer/tablet. If you have difficulties accessing learning virtually please let us know and together we can work out how to support you.


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