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Summer 2 News Week 1 June 8th

Good morning everyone,

Thank you for sending your children back to school looking so smart. Classes are involved in a competition to see who can have the most days where all children are wearing the correct uniform. We have sent out a few reminders about trainers with colours on and jogging trousers but this is a vast improvement.

Please help us improve our attendance and lateness

Our attendance figure remains below the national average at 90.6% for the week before the holiday. This means a significant of learning time was missed in a year when the children can not afford to miss anymore time. I will be writing out to any parent whose child’s attendance is below 96% explaining how much time has been missed.

We also have a significant problem with late arrivals. If your child is late they miss out on the early morning lessons of maths, reading, phonics and handwriting. This makes it difficult for your child to keep up.


Yesterday FS2 were trying hard to learn how to skip in PE.


10 day Active Travel challenge

Our school will be taking part in the 10 day Active Travel Challenge starting on Monday 14th and finishing on Friday 25th June 2021.

The challenge is for pupils & their families to choose an active way of getting to school over the 10 day period. There are prizes for everybody who completes the challenge, as well as whole school prizes!

We need everyone to take part and try to travel to school in an active way during the challenge. The challenge is also open to school staff and we will be making every effort to take part too.

Walking, cycling, skating, scooting and park & stride are all active ways of travelling and we hope by taking part in the challenge it will:

  • Improve health & wellbeing of our pupils & their families
  • Encourage pupils and families to be more active
  • Reduce congestion and parking problems around our school
  • Improve air quality around school
  • Promote active travel for the journey to school and for families to continue to do this after the challenge!

    During the challenge each class will record pupils who have travelled actively to school. Those pupils who travel actively for all 10 days of the challenge will be awarded a small collectable badge.

    Please be aware if you live a long way from school and need to drive you can still take part by parking away from school (at least a 5 minute walk) and walking the last part of your journey, this is called Park & Stride, see our Walking bubble map for more details.

    Our school could also win some fantastic prizes and as we are competing against schools from across South Yorkshire, we really do need your help. Please do your best to be active on your journey to school and help us complete the challenge.

Astrea Sprints

This term we will be taking part in the first Astrea wide learning behaviours sprint. This will  focus upon uniform- please click here to see what we will be looking for. If a class earns a sticker on their chart they will be rewarded with extra Golden Time. Please help by making sure your child comes to school in the correct uniform and school shoes.

Advance Warning.

Monday June 21st- Staff training day.

This will be for training in a new phonic strategy called Read, Write, Inc.

School will be closed to children.

Don’t forget our Reading Challenge – stickers counted on Thursday,

Reading is such an important skill and we really need all children to be reading regularly at home. We do have increasing numbers of children earning stickers on their reading charts and being able to choose something from the School Council shop. Thank you for your support with this and keep reading.

I hope you have a good day.
Mrs Mason


Wednesdays- Year 5 swimming

June 21st- Training Day


Uniform Policy

If you are struggling with school uniform we do have spares in school. These can be loaned to the children (please note these are washed and stored for the appropriate time after use.) During the current Covid 19 pandemic  the windows will be open so if the weather is cooler then please consider sending your child with an extra layer of clothing.

 Please make sure your child is wearing their school uniform and remember that children should not be wearing nail polish or any jewellery other than a watch or small stud earrings which they must be able to remove themselves on PE days.

We do have various uniform available in school ready to purchase and take away.
If we do not hold the uniform you need in school you can now order from our new supplier here:

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