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Summer 2 News Week 6 July 16th- Information for September included.

Good morning everyone,

The last day…. Remember that today is a fun day and a school picnic. The children can come dressed in non uniform.

Many children have asked if they can bring their workbooks home this time so if you would like them to do this please send in a carrier bag.

Covid 19- contact tracing.

The school is not required to assist the NHS with contact tracing from July 19th. If your child develops symptoms and tests positive before the date then please notify the school. Thank you.

The staff will take a LFT test before the return.

We are proud of our work.


Today we will be clearing all of the cloakrooms ready for the summer clean so we will endeavour to return all clothing however any unnamed items will be either washed and added to spare uniform or taken to a charity shop.


Lost teddy

Has anyone found a brown teddy? It was left on a wall outside of school. Please return to school if you have found it. THANK YOU


We came 2nd in the Astrea Olympics!


I will continue to add important information for September below so that you have this as a reference point.

BRAND NEW!! Online course ‘Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing’ from the Solihull Approach (NHS).

Access for free:

Did you know under Early Help, Doncaster have PRE-PAID for every parent and carer in Doncaster to access a course for parents/carers (access now for life-long access)? FREE (with access code: STGEORGE at: for residents in our area. There are courses for parents, carers and grandparents about children from bump to 19+ years.

Full information can be found in the resource section below.

I hope you have a relaxing summer, stay safe.
Mrs Mason


Key dates.

September 1st and 2nd -school closed for staff training

September 3rd- school reopens for the new academic year.


Classes for September.

FS2- Miss Blagden/ Mrs Bradley (Thursday/Friday)

Year 1- Miss Gelder

Year 2- Mrs Harrop/ Mrs Bradley (Wednesday)

Year 3- Mr Smith

Year 4- Miss Westwood

Year 5/6- Mrs Underwood/ Mrs Elsom (Monday, Tuesday)

Year 6- Mrs Cope/ Miss Kelly (Monday, Tuesday)

September arrangements

Summer learning

All children have worked hard this year and have begun to fill in gaps caused by face to face absence at school however to give them the best possible start in September there is some key support that you could give throughout the summer.

All children need to continue to read as much as possible and talk to you about the books they read. This will really help with their language development, spelling and writing. You would be surprised at how much easier the curriculum becomes if children can read well and with understanding.

Children in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 have found learning their times tables very challenging. Knowing times tables really helps children to work out mathematical calculations. Please watch this short video which explains a really easy way to help children to develop this understanding,

 We all want children to enjoy the summer and spent time with families and friends however a few minutes each day doing the activities above will really help your child settle quickly into the new academic year. Thank you for your support.


Risk Assessments

We have updated our RA in response to announcements made by the government. Below is some key information.

  • Book bags and bags allowed
  • No class bubbles.
  • Any suspected Covid case sent home to reduce risk of transmission.
  • Children will have own stationary packs.
  • Equipment shared between classes or groups will need to be cleaned or placed into quarantined.
  • All cleaning and ventilation procedures remain in place.

    School Uniform Reminder

    Thank you for your support with school uniform this term. Please make sure your child has the correct school and PE uniform in September. Remember no coloured trainers.

    We will inform you when PE days are in September. Castle PE shirts available on the link below.

    Here is the link to our school  uniform  shop

    Book bags available.

Breakfast Club

This will resume in September. Miss Womack will be in touch regarding places and costs. Breakfast club will be open from 8 am and we will be asking parents to bring children to the hall doors so that no child is walking themselves into the building when no staff are on duty.

Class Structures and start times/ finish times

We will return to using our original gate on Low Road (currently Jaguars gate) and both gates on Station Road. I hope that the addition of another gate will help now that we have more pupils in school. I would request your help with not allowing children to climb on gates or walls and with avoiding parking on the no parking zones.
Arrival Times.
School gates will be open between 8.30- 8.40 am for arrival. Myself and Mrs Bond will be on duty so that children can continue to walk into school independently. This has really helped this year in getting the school day started promptly. Our youngest children (Reception) will be brought to the Reception class gate and be greeted by the staff. The gates will close at 8.40 am and any late children will need to be brought to the school office.
Finish Times
Key Stage 1 classes (Y1 and Y2) will be brought out onto the KS1 playgrounds at 3.05 pm. Please wait on the KS1 playground. This will really  help with the previous congestion at the KS1 doors.
Reception class children can be picked up from the class gate.
Years 3 and 4 will be brought out onto the KS2 playgrounds at 3.15 pm. Please wait on the KS2 playgrounds. This will really  help with the previous congestion at the hall doors.
Years 5 and 6 will leave the building independently at 3.15 pm.

Don’t forget our Reading Challenge – stickers counted on Thursday,

Reading is such an important skill and we really need all children to be reading regularly at home. We do have increasing numbers of children earning stickers on their reading charts and being able to choose something from the School Council shop. Thank you for your support with this and keep reading.


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