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Spring 1 News Week 3 January 20th 2022

Good morning,

We had another busy day delivering remote learning yesterday and we were really pleased to see increasing numbers of pupils engaging in their learning either online via TEAMs or completing their personalised work packs. I enjoyed the opportunity to support Japan Class with their lessons throughout the day and also had chance to deliver a Reading lesson with Syowa Class too.

I hope you have all had chance to read the letter sent yesterday regarding the update with the heating situation and I am hoping I will be able to share good news with you all later in the day.

Heating Update 19.01.22

Have a good day!

Miss Blagden


Please find below the remote learning schedule for Y1 to Y6 pupils:

Check In/Registration Sessions (10 mins)

8.40am Y1

8.50am Y2

9.00am Y3

9.10am Y4

9.20am Y5

9.30am Y6

Live Literacy Tree Lesson

9.00am-9.30am – Y1 and Y2

9.30am- 10.00am- Y3 and Y4

10.00am- 10.30am Y5 and Y6

Live Maths Lesson

10.30am-11.00am – Y1 and Y2

11.00am- 11.30am- Y3 and Y4

11.30am- 12.00pm Y5 and Y6

Live Reading/Phonics Session

12.30pm-1.00pm -Y1 and Y2

1.30pm- 2.00pm- Y3 and Y4

2.00pm- 2.30pm Y5 and Y6

Please follow the link to access TEAMS: 

Story Sessions

In school, we aim to foster a life long love of reading and have a daily ‘Reading for Pleasure’ session. To continue to provide such experiences whilst the children are not in school, I have created Nearpod presentations to tell the story of a classic C. S. Lewis novel called, ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ for our older pupils (KS2).

It was great to see that more children had logged in yesterday and listened to the first two chapters of the story. Here is Chapter 1 and 2 for anyone who missed it:

Chapter 1- The Wrong Door

Chapter 2- Digory and his Uncle

And today we have added Chapter 3 to each Key Stage Two class channel:

 Chapter 3- The Wood between the Worlds

For Key Stage 1 we are sharing links to some fantastic story tellers on the BBC Bedtime Stories:

BBC iPlayer – CBeebies Bedtime Stories – 739. Sir Sam Mendes – The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight

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