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Spring 1 News Week 3 January 21st 2022

Good morning,

As outlined in yesterday’s communication, the contractors have been working on site to ensure that the temporary boiler system could sustain itself, however, this work was not been successful and further repair work is being undertaken today. Unfortunately, this means that school will remain closed today. I will write to you later today with a further update and thank you all for your continued support and patience as we work to resolve this situation.

Despite the fact that we have been closed to the majority of pupils this week, we still have much to celebrate. Teachers have been so impressed and valued the commitment our children and families have shown to the remote learning that has been happening this week. We have seen increasing numbers of children logging on to live TEAMs lessons, submitting follow up tasks and also have had children working hard on paper based learning packs.

Spain Class (FS2)

George Nedaclu for showing tenacity by working super hard on his letter formation.
Addison Milnes for showing aspiration with her amazing independent writing.

Mexico Class (Y1)

Archie Linley for showing scholarship by ensuring he used his neatest handwriting, even when working from home.

Charlie Tierney for showing tenacity by ensuring his work is completed correctly and accepting that mistakes need reviewing.

Australia Class (Y2)

Eadie Hughes for showing aspiration by demonstrating excellent reading  skills and showing she has a good understanding of what she has read during our online phonics and reading sessions.

Charlie Hossell for showing scholarship by making thoughtful contributions to our online class discussions.

Madagascar Class (Y3)

First of all a shout out for all the class for working hard during this week but in particular…

Hollie Davies for showing tenacity by working through many internet issues and staying on line and learning.

Thomas Cutts for showing scholarship by being an excellent participant in the online learning sessions.

Japan Class (Y4)

Cameron Briggs for showing scholarship by giving great contributions to all of our online learning.

Ethan Dawson for showing scholarship by demonstrating a great understanding of contractions within English lessons.

Chile Class (Y5/6)

Lily Blakemore – for demonstrating high levels of aspiration by giving detailed answers to questions during our online learning sessions.Erin Prendergast – for demonstrating tenacity when working hard to give a detailed reasoning explanation during our online maths session.

Syowa Class (Y6)

Scarlett Briggs for showing aspiration by listening and contributing well to online lessons.

Alfie Hurley for showing aspiration by listening and contributing well to online lessons.


Have a great day!

Miss Blagden


Please find below the remote learning schedule for Y1 to Y6 pupils:

Check In/Registration Sessions (10 mins)

8.40am Y1

8.50am Y2

9.00am Y3

9.10am Y4

9.20am Y5

9.30am Y6

Live Literacy Tree Lesson

9.00am-9.30am – Y1 and Y2

9.30am- 10.00am- Y3 and Y4

10.00am- 10.30am Y5 and Y6

Live Maths Lesson

10.30am-11.00am – Y1 and Y2

11.00am- 11.30am- Y3 and Y4

11.30am- 12.00pm Y5 and Y6

Live Reading/Phonics Session

12.30pm-1.00pm -Y1 and Y2

1.30pm- 2.00pm- Y3 and Y4

2.00pm- 2.30pm Y5 and Y6

Please follow the link to access TEAMS: 

Story Sessions

In school, we aim to foster a life long love of reading and have a daily ‘Reading for Pleasure’ session. To continue to provide such experiences whilst the children are not in school, I have created Nearpod presentations to tell the story of a classic C. S. Lewis novel called, ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ for our older pupils (KS2).

It was great to see that more children had logged in yesterday and listened to the first two chapters of the story. Here is Chapter 1 and 2 for anyone who missed it:

Chapter 1- The Wrong Door

Chapter 2- Digory and his Uncle

 Chapter 3- The Wood between the Worlds

And today we have added Chapter 4 to each Key Stage Two class channel:

Chapter 4- The Bell and the Hammer

For Key Stage 1 we are sharing links to some fantastic story tellers on the BBC Bedtime Stories:

BBC iPlayer – CBeebies Bedtime Stories – 806. JJ Chalmers – There Is No Dragon in This Story

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