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Spring 1 News Week 4 January 24th 2022

Good morning,

I do hope you have all had a good weekend. As outlined in our correspondence on Friday, a further update would be provided to parents today to explain the next steps in resolving our heating system failure. Please find below a letter explaining the measures that are now being taken to ensure we can reopen school safely so that all children are able to return.

Heating Update 24.01.22

As explained in the letter, there will be a further two days of closure before we are able to re-open
to all pupils on Thursday 27th January.

Staff across school have been really impressed with engagement levels in remote learning, including both access to Live TEAMs lessons or completing paper-based learning packs last week and hope that we can maintain such high levels of engagement until we return to school on Thursday.

I have received some really useful feedback from parents over the past week in regard to our communications and also about how the remote lessons are going from a parent perspective. Your feedback is valuable to us, as this helps us to ensure we are improving our practice to meet the needs of the Castle community. In response to feedback, please find some guidance on how you can share your child’s learning with their class teacher.

Please send photos of paper-based learning to your child’s class teacher via email to

You can also upload photos or Word documents to your child’s TEAMs page.

Teachers will also be setting ‘assignments’ on the Class TEAMs page. Your child can click on the assignments and complete online. Remember to click ‘Return’ once you have completed the assignment so that your teacher can see you have finished and will provide feedback.

  1. Click on the ‘Assignments’ tab on your class TEAMs page:2. Click on an assignment you are set to complete:3. Edit and complete the set assignment. When you have finished, click the blue ‘Return’ button and click ‘Return’ again. This will be then marked as ‘Turned In’ and the class teacher will be able to view and provide direct feedback.

I have asked teachers to go through this process with the children again in today’s lessons but please continue to get in touch if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Have a great day!

Miss Blagden


Please find below the remote learning schedule for Y1 to Y6 pupils:

Check In/Registration Sessions (10 mins)

8.40am Y1

8.50am Y2

9.00am Y3

9.10am Y4

9.20am Y5

9.30am Y6

Live Literacy Tree Lesson

9.00am-9.30am – Y1 and Y2

9.30am- 10.00am- Y3 and Y4

10.00am- 10.30am Y5 and Y6

Live Maths Lesson

10.30am-11.00am – Y1 and Y2

11.00am- 11.30am- Y3 and Y4

11.30am- 12.00pm Y5 and Y6

Live Reading/Phonics Session

12.30pm-1.00pm -Y1 and Y2

1.30pm- 2.00pm- Y3 and Y4

2.00pm- 2.30pm Y5 and Y6

Please follow the link to access TEAMS: 

Story Sessions

In school, we aim to foster a life long love of reading and have a daily ‘Reading for Pleasure’ session. To continue to provide such experiences whilst the children are not in school, I have created Nearpod presentations to tell the story of a classic C. S. Lewis novel called, ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ for our older pupils (KS2).

It was great to see that more children had logged in yesterday and listened to the first two chapters of the story. Here is Chapter 1 and 2 for anyone who missed it:

Chapter 1- The Wrong Door

Chapter 2- Digory and his Uncle

 Chapter 3- The Wood between the Worlds

Chapter 4- The Bell and the Hammer

And today we have added Chapter 5 to each Key Stage Two class channel:

Chapter 5- The Deplorable Word

For Key Stage 1 we are sharing links to some fantastic story tellers on the BBC Bedtime Stories:

BBC iPlayer – CBeebies Bedtime Stories – 22. Cat Sandion – Hernando Fernando

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