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Astrea Transition Board

Castle Academy is part of the Astrea Academy Trust.

On 1st June 2016 Castle Academy formally converted into the Astrea Academy Trust (previously known as Reach4 Academy Trust). We are pleased to be looking ahead and planning for the academy’s future on a number of fronts.  This includes governance.

Astrea use ‘transition boards’ as an interim step towards securing an appropriate full governing body in line with the Astrea governance model.

We are in an exciting transition period and our Local Governing Body is being developed from the Transition Board.

Meet our Governors so far…

Alan Richards (NLC, Interim Chair of Governors)

Zoё Robinson (Principal, Castle Academy)

Vicki Gorton (Principal, Denaby Main Primary Academy)

Michelle Walton (Principal, Hillside Primary Academy)

Marie Bond

Sue Williams

Judith Parker

Jayne Langdon

Christine Fitt

Sarah Harrison

Rev. Ian Wright

Please click on the link below to view our Declaration of Interest matrix.

Castle Declaration of Interest June 2017

Our Chair can be contacted via the academy or via e-mail


Board Members           Terms of Reference