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At Castle Academy, we recognise the importance of establishing positive relationships with parents, as highlighted by the EYFS framework. We understand that an effective partnership between school and home will have a positive impact on children’s learning and development. We endeavour to encourage the regular sharing of information about the children with parents and value the role of parents as children’s primary educators.

Parental Observations

Parents are invited to share significant achievements made by their child outside of school via the ‘Parental Observation Form’ below. Significant achievements may include:

  • Dressing independently, e.g. undoing and doing buttons for the first time
  • Achieving a swimming certifcate
  • Writing for different purposes, e.g. birthday cards, letters, lists etc.
  • Counting objects in the environment and solving number problems, e.g. finding the total number of knives and forks
  • Singing a song from memory, e.g. nursery rhymes
  • Answering questions about a book which they have read

Parental observations will be valued and used to inform ongoing assessment of children within school.

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