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Boris’ Blog

Welcome to Boris’ Blog!

Hi Lynx Class,

Hope you are all keeping safe and staying at home! I am missing you and it is very quiet in the classroom without you all. Miss Blagden has taken me home so that I can do my learning at home and am not all alone. I will post some pictures of my home learning to show you what I have been up to.

Week beginning 29th June

Boris has been loving space adventures with his friends in school. His favourite story linked to space was ‘The Boy Who Switched off the Sun!’ Can you predict what would happen if we switched off the sun?

This week Boris also became an astronaut on PurpleMash!

Week Beginning 22nd June

Boris enjoyed learning about transport. He took the children down to the low road entrance and they conducted a traffic survey. The children counted the number of vehicles that travelled past the school over 5 minutes. The children recorded their findings. Boris saw lots of cars and lorries. He also saw a freight train, tractor and a motorbike!

Week beginning 15th June

Boris has loved being back in the classroom with his friends. Although, he is not allowed to be held by the children at the moment, he has taken position above the SMART TV and has been watching the children complete their learning and play. He has discovered a lot about Pokémon this week, as Rory and Charlie have been telling him about their favourite characters. Boris has also watched his first Pokémon film during lunch times this week too, which was really exciting!

Week Beginning 8th June

Boris has been busy making a social story to help the children returning to school next week. He can’t wait to see his friends!

Coming BACK to school in a bubble

Week Beginning 1st June

Boris was really excited about this weeks topic, Summer. He had got himself all ready to enjoy the sunshine safely at the beginning of the week but disaster struck when the sun disappeared and the rain came day after day!

Seeing as he had to stay inside, Boris decided he would catch up on his PurpleMash 2Dos and enjoyed designing his own swimwear and ice creams! Yum!


Half Term Week

Boris has enjoyed his half term holiday, especially as the sun has been shining. He has enjoyed playing out in the garden and has a new golf set and has been practicing his putting shots. He has also enjoyed having a splash in the paddling pool too.

Boris has also been reading a story about a little boy called George the Sun Safe Superstar. Boris has decided to be a Sun Safe Superstar himself and has got his factor 50 sun lotion at the ready. He says he hopes everyone else is staying safe in the sun too. Check out next weeks FS2 Home Learning Plan for details about how you can find George’s special story too.

This week Boris has also been working towards his Astrea Promise Rainbow award by hosting a Teddy Bears Picnic. He says do you recognise any of the friends he invited to his picnic?


Thursday 21st May

Boris has really been enjoying the Astrea Festival of Kindness this week. Today, he went to school with Mrs Bradley and Mrs Duffty and went on a nature trail to collect natural resources to bring back into the classroom to make a collage to represent something that makes you happy. Boris chose to create a picture of a house- he said it makes him happy when he gets to come and visit his friend’s homes at a weekend and he is really missing you all! Have you completed a collage?

Tuesday 19th May

Boris is excited about the ‘Astrea Festival of Kindness’ and decided to be kind to himself this morning by having a ‘lay in’. He chilled out in his PJs all morning and caught up on his favourite TV program, Paddington Bear. How are you going to be kind to yourself this week?

Monday 18th May

Boris enjoyed a walk in the local woods. He helped Miss Blagden collect lots of pine cones ready for the loose parts area in the classroom. Boris also had a game of hide and seek and found a really good hiding place- can you find him?

Friday 15th May

Boris has completed his last piece of work about farms on Purple Mash today. He has also been practicing his Phase 3 tricky word spellings on the phonics play website. How many tricky words can you spell from memory?


Thursday 14th May

Boris has been back on Purple Mash today. He used his webcam and took a selfie to become the farmer. He wrote a speech bubble to tell everyone what jobs Farmer Boris has been doing on the farm. Have you tried the Farmer App yet? Send us a picture of you as a farmer- Boris would love to see them.

Wednesday 13th May

Boris has been practicing his maths skills this week by learning to share objects into equal groups. Boris has been playing Farm Dominos with his teddy friends and had to share the dominos out before they could start to play. Have you been practicing your sharing skills at home too?

Tuesday 12th May

Boris has logged on to PurpleMash and enjoyed playing on 2Simple City Farm to create his own farm too. Have you created your own farm yet? What animals are you looking after on your farm?

Monday 11th May

Boris is excited about the new farm topic this week and has been busy playing with a farmyard puzzle at home.

Friday 8th May

Boris practiced his cake decorating skills and made some buns to celebrate VE Day! He found out that red, white and blue were the colours of the union jack, so he decorated his cakes with those colours. Boris also enjoyed making a Union Jack on Purple Mash for decorations too.

Thursday 7th May

Boris completed his Astrea Promise Rainbow Challenge of reading in an unusual place. He climbed a tree with Miss Blagden and they enjoyed reading a book all about World War II ready for VE day tomorrow.

Wednesday 6th May

Boris has been busy using the watering can to water the potato plants. Do you know what else plants need to be able to grow big and healthy?

Tuesday 5th May

Boris and Seth have been busy playing in the washing basket together today. They were using their imagination and pretended it was a boat. They used the sweeping brush as an oar. Where do you think they were sailing to?

Monday 4th May

Boris has been helping Miss Blagden with the ‘Battle of the Bands’ on TTRS today. He is getting pretty quick at his 2s, 5s and 10s. Can you remember how to count in sequences of 2s, 5s and 10s? Boris would love to see some videos of your counting!

Weekend News

This weekend, Seth and Boris have been building trains together out of Duplo bricks and Boris enjoyed having a ride! Choo… Choo!

Friday 1st May

Boris has been helping Miss Blagden with ‘The Battle of the Bands’ on TTRS! Miss Blagden has been practising her 2s, 5s, and 10s. You could try practising counting in sequences to help you learn your times tables.

Thursday 30th April

Boris had a great adventure with Mr Timmins on his bike. Boris remembered to take his reading book with him and has taken part in Mrs Mason’s challenge to reading in an unusual place. Reading in a bush, accompanied by two police officers, is pretty unusual Boris!

Wednesday 29th April

Boris has been helping with jobs around the house today. He enjoyed a little ride on the hoover! Have you been helping doing jobs around the house too? Boris has also been loving seeing how many FS2 children have been working hard on Purple Mash again this week. He felt inspired and has completed his own frog picture with a fascinating fact. Did you know that frogs absorb water through their skin so they do not need to drink? You learn something new everyday!


Tuesday 28th April 

Boris was excited to have a go on a motorbike today. He has worked out how to make it go but is not quite so good at turning corners yet! Miss Blagden says he needs a bit more practice. Have you been learning any new skills?

Monday 27th April

Boris has been remembering to read everyday. Today he chose to read about Peppa Pig’s adventure to the zoo. We talked about the different animals in the story and how the zoo keeper has to do lots of jobs to look after the animals and keep them safe. What book have you been reading? Remember Mrs Mason is looking for children reading books in unusual places. Boris is putting his thinking hat on and is going to find somewhere very unusual to read… watch this space!


Weekend News!

This weekend Boris has been loving listening to DN12 Live on the Ipad. On Saturday night he enjoyed dancing around his bedroom to a little bit of Motown music! He has also been trying hard to learn how to ride a trike. Boris needed a little help from a friend as he couldn’t quite reach the pedals himself!


Friday 24th April

Boris has enjoyed being a keyworker again today and popped into school to see some of his friends! He enjoyed a game of hide and seek at lunchtime and was been lucky enough to have a little spin in Mrs Mason’s chair in the office.

Thursday 23rd April

Boris was learning about St George’s Day today. He used a PurpleMash app to become a brave knight just like St George.

Boris was really impressed that Emily, Rory and Evie have also had a go at becoming knights using the Purple Mash app too! Well done.

Wednesday 22nd April

Boris has been out for a walk in Miss Blagden’s backpack today. He was looking out for 2D shapes in the environment around him. Have you been on a shape hunt in your home or out on a walk to find lots of 2D shapes?  When Boris got back home, he remembered to do his shape work on Purple Mash too!



Tuesday 21st April

Boris was feeling inspired by Regina Rabbit reading her recipes, so he decided to do a spot of baking today. He read the instructions in the recipe and made some yummy chocolate chip cookies.


Monday 20th April

Boris has been playing with Seth in the sandpit in the garden. They have been busty building and knocking down sandcastles together.


Friday 17th April

Boris enjoyed a walk to the postbox to post the keyworker children’s letters to the Prime Minister.


Thursday 16th April

Boris was a keyworker today! He went to school with Miss Blagden and helped the children write letters to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.


Wednesday 15th April

As the weather was nice, Boris decided to help wash Miss Blagden’s car this afternoon!

Tuesday 14th April

Boris has been super busy doing spring cleaning around the house today.


Easter Weekend

Boris enjoyed hiding chocolate Easter eggs at Miss Blagden’s house this weekend. Boris hid the eggs all over the garden for Seth to find. He had to find them quickly because it was so sunny. What do you think would have happened to the chocolate eggs if they were left in the sun too long? Did you do an Easter egg hunt in your own garden?

Wednesday 8th April

Boris decided he wanted to climb trees today for his daily exercise. He was a little stuck at one point so Miss Blagden had to rescue him! Not so high next time Boris!

Tuesday 7th April

Boris has been busy feeding the fish in the garden today.


Monday 6th April

Boris has been out for his daily exercise- today he went for a brisk walk down by the river.

Friday 3rd April

Boris has been busy making Easter Cards using poster paints. Maybe you could make an Easter card for your family too!

Thursday 2nd April

Boris has been busy watering the plants in the garden. Can you find out what else plants needs to grow to be healthy?

Wednesday 1st April

Boris has been busy practicing his Phase 3 Phonics today by playing ‘Pick A Picture’ on Phonics Play. He got a score of 10 today- can you beat his score?


Tuesday 31st March

Boris enjoyed helping Seth to build with wooden blocks. Can you guess what they have been building together?


Monday 30th March

Boris enjoyed playing teachers and read a story to his friends today. Could you get your teddies together and play teachers? Maybe you could read them a story like Boris!


Friday 27th March

Boris has painted a picture of a spring flower today! It is a yellow crocus. Have you seen any Spring flowers in your garden? What kind  of flowers have you spotted?

Thursday 26th March

Boris has been doing his home learning using Purplemash. Do you like his weather symbols? Don’t forget to log in to Purplemash at home and you can do the ‘2dos’ that Miss Blagden and Mrs Bradley have set you. Boris says a massive well done to Charlie, Sam, Evie, Esme, Rory, Rosey, Emily and Eadie who have already been logging on and sharing their learning.

Wednesday 25th March

Boris enjoyed doing some of the activities on the FS2 Home Learning Plan today. He went out into the garden to look for signs of Spring. Did you find any signs of Spring in your garden?

Tuesday 24th March

I have been busy reading my favourite non fiction book about creepy crawlies today.


Monday 23rd March

Today, I have enjoyed a picnic in the garden. It was nice to get some fresh air in the safety of the garden.